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Risk Assessment Training



Examples of risk assessment,  what is risk assessment,  how to make a risk assessment,  risk assessment is done every few years,  risk assessment methods,  risk assessment  steps,  risk assessment regulation will be explained in the training content.

a)   General Accident Prevention Approach

       •    Accident Prevention and Basic Accident Model

       •    Passive After-Accident Prevention Approach 

       •    Proactive Accident Prevention Approach 

       •    FINAGLE (MURPHY) Law

b)   KINNEY Risk Analysis

       •    What is Mathematical Evaluations for Controlling Hazards Method?

       •    What is PROACTIVE Accident Prevention Approach?

             - Proactive Barriers

              -Passive Barriers

       •    Sample Risk Assessment Practices

c)   Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

       •    FMEA Structure per MIL-STD-1629

       •    What is FMEA's Main Purpose?

       •    Approaches to Preventing Errors (Old and New Understanding Difference)

       •    Main Causes of Accidents (4M)

       •    What is FMEA? How is it applied?

       •    FMEA Analysis (Severity, Probability, Awareness and Risk Priority Assignment)

       •    What is FMEA Technique?

       •    MIL-STD-1629 standard and requirements for the implementation of FMEA

       •    The main purpose of FMEA

       •    A New Understanding of Error Prevention

       •    4M Rule in Preventing Accidents

       •    How is FMEA Technique Applied?

            - Error Causes

            - Error Mode

            - Calculation of Risk Priority Number

            - Noticeability, FMEA's number one weapon

       •    Types of FMEA

            - System FMEA

            - Design FMEA

            - Process FMEA

            - Service FMEA

       •    System and Unit Concepts

       •    Subsystems and error concept

       •    Critical system concept - What is a critical system?

       •    How to Perform Accident Incident Research with FMEA Technique?

D)   Fault Tree Analysis and Event Tree Analysis

       •    What is Fault Tree Analysis?

       •    What is Event Tree Analysis?

       •    How to analyze the results before and after the accident?

       •    What is the system challenge?

       •    How is root cause analysis done?

       •    Fault Tree Analysis symbols and their meanings

       •    Fault Tree Analysis Application Steps

       •    Why Why Rule

       •    Probability Calculations 

E) Combining Process FMEA with FTA and ETA

       •    Example applications


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