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​FMEA / FMECA - Failure Mode and Effects Analysis - Failure Mode and Critically Effects Analysis



What is FMEA Possible Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, how the analysis is done, FMEA types and stages will be explained in detail in the training content.  

1) What is Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)?

  • FMEA Structure per MIL-STD-1629

  • ·What is FMEA's Main Purpose?

  • ·Approaches Towards Preventing Errors (Old and New Understanding Difference)

  • FMEA Types (System, Design, Process, Service)

2nd)  Main Causes of Accidents (4M)

  • ·What is FMEA? How is it applied?

  • ·FMEA Analysis (Severity, Probability, Noticeability and Risk Priority Assignment)

3) System and Unit Concepts

  • What is VDI Model

  • How is Probability Assigned?

  • ·What is generic error data?

  • ·How to apply generic error data?

4) Fault Tree Analysis and Event Tree Analysis (Fault Tree Analysis, Event Tree Analysis)

  • ·What is Error Tree Analysis?

  • ·What is Event Tree Analysis?

  • How is the pre-accident and post-accident result analysis done?

  • What is the system challenge?

  • How is root cause analysis done?

  • · Error Tree Analysis symbols and their meanings

  • Error Tree Analysis Application Steps

  • Why Why Rule

  • Probability Calculations

5) Combined use of Process FMEA and FTA and ETA

  • ·Making a Sample Application

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