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Özlem Academy Education Consultancy Inc.

Process Safety -SEVESO Directive -ATEX Directives Are Our Business!


Özlem Academy Education Consultancy Inc.

Process safety, safety management systems,  is a company established to carry out quantitative risk assessment, classification of explosive atmospheres, third party audits, project and investment consultancy services.

SEVESO Directive,  Process Safety, Risk Management, Atex Directives, Machinery Safety etc.  engineering service on technical issues,  consultancy,  It started its operations in 2017 to provide auditing and training services.



Our company is in compliance with SEVESO Directive, Process Safety, ATEX Directives etc.  focused on providing quality services in the field of risk assessment, audit and training services.

A from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, who is experienced in his field.  Class and Class C certified  Occupational Safety Specialists  with  In order to prevent the risks of work accidents and occupational diseases in the workplaces, it carries out Safety Report, MAPP, Quantitative Risk Assessment, Explosion Protection Document preparation, training and inspection studies.

For details of our services, see the services section.

Process Safety, SEVESO and ATEX

Process Safety, SEVESO Directive, ATEX Directives, Machinery Safety etc. Contact us for your Risk Assessment Studies.

We also prepare Safety Report, MAPP and Explosion Protection Document.


Success can only be achieved with a quality education. Quality documents in a quality education  and provided by trainers. As Özlem Academy, we transfer all our knowledge and experience to our trainings. Check out our educational content.


longing  Papers presented at Symposiums and Congresses so that you can have an idea about academy training.  You can watch it as a video.

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Updated as often as possible in the Blog and Articles section  We will continue to publish articles and papers on these topics. Keep watching us.

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