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Root Cause Analysis Training



Root cause analysis  what,   how to,  how to do in what situation,  root cause analysis methods,  root cause analysis  steps  will be explained in the training content.

TRAINING CONTENT: (1 Day Training) 6 Hours

  • Risk assessment obligations in the Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331 (to be explained briefly),

  • Obligations in OHS Risk Assessment Regulations

    • hazard definition,

    • Definition of Risk,

    • How to determine the Highest Possible Prevention Level,

  • General Accident Prevention Approach

    • Accident Prevention and Basic Accident Model

    • Passive After-Accident Prevention Approach

    • Proactive Accident Prevention Approach


  • How to create an accident record?

    • accident investigation techniques

    • Evaluation of accident records

  • Root Cause Analysis – Bow Tie Technique

    • What is the Bow-Tie Model for Accident Control?

    • Rules of practice of Bow-Tie analysis

    • Creation of Fault Tree,

    • Creating an Event Tree,

    • Proactive Barriers

    • Passive Barriers

    •   Example root cause analysis application.

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